Acme Oyster House

There is an actual velvet rope-style stanchion to form the line of people waiting to enjoy dozens of freshly shucked oysters in this joint. Acme Oyster House is located in the middle of the French Quarters, hopeful diners don’t mind the hustle and bustle surrounding them as they patiently wait for entrance. They know the good stuff is inside.

The seafood tastes like the day’s haul from the bountiful Gulf. It is the freshest you can find! You can have a seat at the oyster bar and watch as the pearl hoarders are halved, plated by the dozen and served with horseradish, lemon and Tabasco sauce. The char grilled oysters in garlic butter sauce are a must-try. With or without crackers, bottoms up! Acme’s been around since the early 1900’s and are still consistent with their delicious fare. Serving fresh, fried shrimp po-boys, seafood gumbo and crab claws, it’s no surprise the restaurant has won numerous awards and is voted as one of the best places to get oysters in New Orleans. In addition to bayou seafood favorites, they dish out local creole and cajun selections like red beans and rice, jambalaya and New Orleans favorite, hot sausage po-boys.

The Iberville St. oyster house is a regular Joe kind of place. They serve ice cold beer in buckets and hand-shucked oysters all atop vinyl checkerboard tablecloths. You can throw your crawfish on the table and enjoy them right there. Acme has the feel of any bayou tavern that Gulf fishermen would down a cold one after a long day on the water. It’s casual but by no means, a dive. It’s warm and cozy with a laissez-faire attitude. They are infamous for their neon signs which displays “waitress available sometimes” and friendly shuckers.

Acme is the innovator of the raw oyster experience and have remained in a class by themselves for over one hundred years now. The terrific food, comfortable atmosphere and neon signs draw hoards of people in for good reason. Those lines will continue to snake the streets of the Quarter for as long as they keep serving those fresh Gulf oysters and great food!


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