Galatoire’s Restaurant

One of New Orleans oldest restaurants, Galatoire’s is a tradition and mainstay of Big Easy culture. Serving French Creole cuisine since 1905, the Bourbon St. eatery is known for the line of patient diners that once weaved through the Quarters. Politicians, entertainers and everyday people would stand on hand just to get that special, in the know feeling along with great food. Once upon a time, Galatoire’s operated on a first-come, first serve basis but today they accept reservations for second floor dining. That’s one of the only things that’s changed in the decades of operation. With it’s classy ambience, the restaurant can be mistaken for another stuffy dining room but this place is familial and cozy. Regular diners run a tab and are on first name basis with the wait-staff. Lunch lingers for hours well into the afternoon. It’s been that way since its inception.

Opened by Jean Galatoire, the restaurant has always been family owned and operated. The menu was comprised as a group effort by the family as opposed to a chef’s creations. Dishes are true to French Creole form with fresh seafood and rich sauces to offer. Oyster en Brochette, Sauteed Poisson and Lyonnaise Potatoes are featured for a palate pleasing experience. They have been dishing up the same items for over 100 years and it is working for them!

The bar has an extensive wine lists of German and French specialty wines for the connoisseur! They suggest the best wines to accompany their entrees!

Galatoire’s is a beautiful and stately alcove. It is famous for its gold appliquéd wall-paper and silk draped curtains. It is the epitome of epicurean elegance but it’s still a comfortable place to dine. The well-dressed professional staff attends to your every need and provide unparalleled service. Hang your coat on the wall and get comfy if you’re lucky enough to get a table!

Galatoire's Dining Room

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