New Orleans Insectarium

New Orleans Insectarium

The New Orleans Insectarium is in the US Custom House on Canal Street. It is a unique museum devoted to the insects and their families and is the largest museum in the country. There are thousands of live specimen, as well as preserved specimen, which explain the diversity available in shape, size and colour. There are few securities checks that you have to go through to enter the insectarium, as it is situated in the US custom House. The New Orleans Insectarium is usually open from 10pm Tuesdays to Sundays and remain closed on some of the official holidays.

The insectarium has a captivating collection of butterflies, which you can find in the Asian Garden, and you can also enjoy the award shows for the bugs in the heart of the Louisiana Swamps. The New Orleans Insectarium has 13 gallery rooms that contain as many as 70 live animal enclosures, along with 30 mounted specimen cases. It also houses the multisensory immersive theatre, which is a special attraction. You will be amazed to see its collections, as it has more than 100 specimens of the arthropod species. The other attractions are the live insect encounter and the Japanese garden, where you can the exotic butterflies on display.

The New Orleans Insectarium covers almost 23,000 square feet of the white marbled structure and the amazing collection of more than 900,000 insects. The interactive experience that you get here is amazing and there are trained personnel around who can give you further details on the specimens that you see. Other major attractions include the live cooking and the cultural café, which offers an eating experience like never before! The show has a chef who will introduce you to a new concept of cooking with the insects, which are an excellent source of protein in many cultures. You can grab a bite of some of the exotic creations in the Bug Appétit.

Another major attraction of the New Orleans Insectarium is the Field Camp, which is loved and enjoyed by the kids. It introduces you to the world of the arthropods in the setting of a tropical jungle. Another interesting feature of this magnificent insectarium is the Award Night, which gives you a multi-sensory theatre experience with celebrity voices and special effects. The show has a HD quality film about the superstar bugs and their extraordinary achievements. Be sure not to miss the Hall of Fame, where you can see the most impressive insects, along with the fastest and the biggest ones too.

There are so many impressive things to see in the New Orleans Insectarium that it would probably take you an entire day to go through the place leisurely. It will be better if you plan this trip beforehand. The butterflies in the Japanese garden are excellent, as you get to see the live specimens of the exotic butterfly varieties. The insectarium also enables you to experience ‘metamorphoses’ that some insects undergo and you can learn more about the lifecycles of the insects.

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